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But I cant seem to find it. Ive been okay since I started about 2 months about. Making just enough money to keep the business bills paid. Im just very luck my wife has a good job with a good bit of overtime. But what are some easy cost efficient marketing things u would recommenced to get the phone ringing more. I did pick up Frigidaire warranty work, just waiting on then to start using their new dispatch software. If you have any repairs that you need done right to your kitchen or other household appliances that have failed, we will tend to them quickly and work hard to make sure it gets done correctly the first time.

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My boyfriend and I had given ourselves a budget for the repair, and if the cost was over that budget we were going to invest in a new dryer.


Appliance Artisan doesn’t want you to spend money buying a brand new appliance if all it needs is a quick fix.


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